Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy by is last modified on 15th July 2019.

The privacy policy by ‘US’ clearly states that any references to ‘You’ ‘He’ ‘She’ ‘They’ mean any person or the user who is accessing the site.

We ensure that your privacy matters us a lot and keep all your data and information confidential, we provide secure access to our site. Any kind of information collected by us is merely used for the business purpose. Only information that is relevant to our roku service process will be asked to the users now and in the future. 

The information is required in case you agree to avail the benefits of our services.  Our privacy policies apply to the website plus the services offered by

Data Collection

An agreement for the user regarding the use of the site arises the need to collect data. We may collect various sorts of details from the users with a view to providing hassle-free access and services. To provide you with the services, we collect your name, gender, postal address, email id, mobile number, telephone number (if have), payment details and more to allow every user get instant access to the site and its services.

We are liable for any kind of misuse of your personal details.  No data is transferred to a third party and other authorities for their personal use. Any changes to the website can be made without any prior notice. We hold the right to make necessary alterations based on the company’s policies and in favor of the company.

The protection of your policy is on top of our priority. We collect and secure the data in advanced systems with advanced security.

Use of Personal Information

  The use of personal information is requested from the user in the following cases:

  • At the time of roku account registration
  • While making payment for using our services
  • When you subscribe or download any of the channels whether free or paid
  • When trying to reach us, we request a query submission form with personal details

The information that is provided by the user is put in use for the company’s and users own interest. Any harm to personal details can be taken as crime and we will hold ourselves responsible for the same.

We aim to provide users the most user-friendly experience and to improve the services, we may use the data by the user.  

Note: The information of any user if available on random and third party sites then will not be considered as sensitive.


We do not force our users to accept the use of cookies. But this is to bring to your notice that you will only be possible to access some part of the website, if you will accept the cookies. In general, this is a process where cookies in the form of small text files identify your system to our server when you visit some pages of the site.  We like to clear you that the purpose of using the cookies is only for your convenience so that you can enjoy uninterrupted usage of the site. 

Third Party Access is not responsible for any activity by the user in relation to third party access. We do have links of other sites on our websites, but that is only for business use.  We provide no approval for the usage or assure that it is 100% safe. Any kind of inconvenience caused due to third party access through is not our responsibility. We have no control over the privacy policy of any third party website that is linked to us.

Information Sharing

Without obtaining the prior content we can share the details in many circumstances including: (a) Requested or required by law, (b) Need to share with group companies. In case (if require), then we may pass your personal details to our partners and distributors   for the purpose to help them.

 Contact us

We always hear what our users have to say. No matter its any query or suggestion, we are always here to listen and help you in any way. For all the users residing in the USA and Canada can call our team of roku experts by giving a call at roku customer support number.